A floating water pumping platform with pedestrian access

Biffa, near Staines


Feb 2008


To build a floating water pumping platform with pedestrian access in a man-made lake at brickworks for Biffa.  


We installed a concrete plinth as a mounting platform and pre-fabricated the access walkway in six hinged sections.  


One of the main challenges on this project was the 10m water level variation in a relatively small lake with steep sides.  The construction of the floating platform has to accomodate the changeable variations so the access walkway had to be pre-fabricated into six hinged sections which could 'beach' individually as the water level changed without adopting too steep an angle.  The structure also had to be secured in place without puncturing the lake membrane.  To do this, we used two pairs of chains all coming back to the same height as the first hinge on the mounting plinth, to ensure constant correct geometrical alignment.