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Bespoke floating or fixed pontoons, jetties and platforms

RA Marine specialise in the fabrication, build and installation of bespoke solutions to access and enjoy water.

We provide bespoke solutions for both individuals and commercial ventures

We work for a variety of customers including sailing clubs, rowing clubs, marinas, water authorities, the environmental agency, fishing clubs, disabled waterskier associations, yachting clubs, harbours and more.


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Mooring system for canal boats
Bespoke U-Shaped Jetty
Bespoke Pontoon
Canal Jetty

With over 16 years' experience, RA Marine specialise in the fabrication, build and installation of bespoke solutions to provide access to water. These solutions range from small jetties, pontoons or platforms to much larger or complex designs of jetty, pontoon or platform which may incorporate steps, walk ways, bridges and a selection of accessories or finishing touches such as mooring cleats, fendering, cladding, railings, ladders and more.

RA Marine pride themselves on providing completely tailored solutions to suit any project or individual requirement to enable access or viewing of lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, waterways or any body of water.

Providing exceptional build quality through outstanding attention to detail, we offer a highly professional service to our customers with high quality, fit for purpose, bespoke options to suit locations of virtually any size, height, position and shape. We believe we offer a unique service, bridging the gap between businesses offering larger, commercial or costal marina solutions and those offering cheaper constructions, often created using scaffold planks and barrels.

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Our friendly & experienced team are here to help bring your project to life

Chris Baker RA Marine

Chris Baker

General Manager

Neal Hobday

Production and Installations Technician

Anna and Richard Horn
Anna and Richard Horn

Company history

R A Marine is run today by the Baker family but was founded in 2003 by husband and wife, Richard and Anna Horn; hence the name ‘R’ ‘A’ Marine.  The business grew to focusing purely on pontoons and jetties in 2013, after originally also supplying boat lifts.  In 2017 RA Marine was acquired by Richard and Anna Horn’s nephews and niece who run the business today.  Chris Baker is at the helm and works closely with every customer to ensure RA Marine continue to live up to their excellent reputation of providing high quality products alongside excellent customer service.

Over the years RA Marine have installed several hundred jetties and pontoons and has been involved in a number of large and unusual projects.  Some of these projects have included:

R A Marine Company History
  • a removable and floating bird watching pontoon for the RSPB
  • a floating pontoon for a wedding ceremony
  • a selection of pontoons for pheasant shooting
  • an underwater platform for a publicity shoot, for a new production of Swan Lake
  • a pontoon with a ‘nose cone’ to enable a catacanoe to pull directly up to it
  • a mooring system for canal boats
  • a stepped, tidal jetty to allow access to the water further out at low tide
  • a pair of huge, 65m, angled jetties for a sailing club
  • replacement of existing timbers for a marina
  • access steps to allow entry to water via steps
  • stainless steel fabrication of gates and fencing
  • a walkway over an area of wet terrain which was previously not passable for the RSPB. Fixed at either end but floating in between to allow the walkway to rise and fall with the water levels

Take a look at the Previous Projects page to read more about the work that RA Marine has carried out.